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Inspired by another’s homemade lip balm tried on a 2016 camping trip, Robin Goddard, the founder of By Robin Creations (BRC) https://www.byrobincreations.com , now has a full line of handmade 100% vegan body care products and is ranked in the top 1% of sellers on Etsy. 4 years ago, Robin turned her interest into  hobby and habit of giving away her own homemade lip balm to friends and coworkers while a realtor in the Bay Area. She then turned that hobby into a Santa Fe-based business that yielded a @ 442% increase in gross from 2018 to 2019 and is on track to see her YOY gross increase another 130% this year. For all you currently selling online, or hoping to up your online sales game, you won’t wanna miss this opportunity to learn from and ask questions of this master of local markets and slayer of online sales as she shares her story and secrets of success.

Robin’s success wasn’t instant or easy. Her 1st 5 lip balm attempts were less-than-lip-worthy, but once she got it down she started making other products her friends asked about, like diaper rash cream and deodorant. People loved what Robin was making, but it wasn’t until a vegan refused to accept her lip balm gift that Robin had her ah-ha moment. Her initial creations weren’t vegan, so she reformulated and knew then and there that vegan would be her niche.

Done with the high cost of living in CA, Robin made her way to Santa Fe in early 2017, took on a couple less-than-fulfilling jobs and set up shop to sell her products on https://www.etsy.com/shop/ByRobinCreations Etsy. To say that she’s an Etsy success story is an understatement. On that site alone Robin’s had more than 8.5K+ sales, has a 5-star rating, 1,405 reviews and is ranked in the top 1%.

Once Robin stopped going it alone, it was game changing. In Spring of 2018 she reached out to a customer who was a raving fan and turned that fan into her social media guru ??" delegating the taking and posting of product pics, crafting content and descriptions and even building out https://www.byrobincreations.com/collections  BRC’s newer Shopify site, as Etsy has its positives, but an independent site comes with more profit and product listing freedom. Robin still has her social media guru, as well as a contract worker who’s now full-time, as once the pandemic hit and Robin wisely start producing hand sanitizer, BRC has been booming.

While BRC’s booming, they’re also giving, as they list COVID Gift Bags on their sites and encourage shoppers to add one to their purchase while they take charge of distributing them to various groups of essential workers across NM. So far, BRC’s distributed 650+ gift bags. Don’t you love it!

And while you can find Robin and BRC https://www.byrobincreations.com/pages/where-to-find-us  at her 1232 Osage Ave location (by appointment only), at the Santa Fe Railyard Artisan Markt on Sundays and the Los Alamos Farmer's Market on Thursdays, when you join us on Zoom you’ll get to hear all about how she’s turned her hobby into the kick-ass business it is today ??" a business hoping to hire 2 employees this year to keep up with demand. How dang exciting.

Hoping you’re all well and looking forward to kickin’ off the holiday weekend with you on July 2nd!

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Thursday, 02 July, 2020


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