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Thanks to B.PUBLIC, we don't have to go another month without their story, as they'll bring the story to us via Zoom (link below). 

You may have seen B.PUBLIC CEO Edie Dillman educating and inspiring at Santa Fe Innovate’s recent Wanna Be a B-Corp? event. Well, we’re in for a treat, as B.PUBLIC is not only game to share the story of why being a public benefit corp is so important to them, but Edie and her fabulous co-founder Jonah Stanford (who also happens to be her husband) will share with us more of the story behind the making of B.PUBLIC’s proprietary high-performance prefab building envelope that speeds construction and reduces energy consumption by up to 90% for the life of the building. Along with co-founder Charlotte Bervin-Lagarde, the team is gung-ho to introduce to Santa Fe and beyond a solution that incorporates materials that reduce environmental impact and deliver comfort like nothing else. 


Edie said it best in a Facebook post: “I couldn't be more excited about 2020 and inspired to lead a decidedly disruptive venture. Here's to taking risks and making the world a better place. This is the right product, the right moment, with the right partners. We have the great fortune to bring to market solutions in prefab construction with drastically reduced carbon footprint, energy use, with craft-made quality. All while creating jobs, ensuring training, engaging in the community, and developing local networks. Grateful to serve a market that is hungry for fast - smart - beautiful building solutions. We might be a start-up but we are feeling the love and are incredibly fortunate that so many are cheering us on and supporting our growth. Here's to a killer decade ahead to make a dent in the housing need and reverse our carbon bingeing.”


Now I bet you’re as excited about B.PUBLIC as I am. Not only do they offer direct-to-consumer/developer options for those looking for a studio, home or multiple units that are beautiful, comfortable and have less impact on the environment (home plans that utilize their prefabricated system components), but they also partner with industry pros to provide prefabricated building envelope components direct to builders, architects and designers. They even offer training and introductions to design and building professionals on how to improve performance by utilizing the B.PUBLIC building envelope.


If you’re geeking out on B.PUBLIC like I am, head to their story/about us page, as it’s one of the best I’ve read in a while. And if you’re jonesing for more, the NMEDD hosted a webinar all about housing and B.PUBLIC chimes in @ minute 58 with some sweet slides and talk about solutions and tools for developing more housing for New Mexicans.


And we’ll gather to hear the story of what it’s like to build a public benefit corp based on building science on Zoom, baby. So grab yourself a drink and a bite, click the meeting link and settle in for Story Time. See ya there!

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