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I’m so excited to have you not only join me to hear TARTLE co-founder Alexander Ramsay McCaig’s story, but to accept the same challenge I’m taking on - to sign up for TARTLE (for free, forever) so that when we gather for Story Time we can provide valuable feedback to possibly help improve TARTLE and the way it’s marketed and explained so more people like us will be crazy comfortable using it and thrilled to spread the word. 

So, what’s TARTLE? TARTLE is the world’s first web-based global digital identity exchange platform empowering all of us to monetize and create value from our data through anonymous global transactions when we choose to sell our data on our terms. In layman’s terms, it’s a free platform where you add info about your social networking accounts, travel, shopping, health, and a plethora of other categories, into what TARTLE calls Packets. Buyers on the exchange can then bid on your Packets of info and if you accept their bid(s), you’ll start accumulating a bucket of bitcoin - meaning you now reap the $ benefits of your data. 

I created my account this week in just minutes, along with 19 Digital Identity Packets (so far), and I’m delighted to see if I get any bids. How about you do the same and sign up so we can let Alex know what we think on the 5th? And since TARTLE’s done one of the best jobs I’ve seen in a long time of using video to explain all you need to know to get started, check out their YouTube channel

As for our storyteller, Alex, I’ve gotta say that you’re in for a treat. Not only is this 27-year-old smart as a whip and funny as hell, he’s got such energy and enthusiasm for NM and our community that my heart about wants to burst. This East-Coaster felt like he was dying on the vine back there and decided to apply to incubators across the country. Images of NM started appearing in his dreams, so when he got the call from the Santa Fe Business Incubator (SFBI) that they had one spot open, he was ecstatic. After hopping on a plane and meeting with the SFBI’s wonderful Jessica Moose and learning more about what they offered, he couldn’t pack his bags fast enough. He was not only in love with the SFBI, but with Santa Fe and NM’s culture and mix of high spirit with high tech. Since bringing TARTLE here, Alex feels that he’s finally found the community he wants to grow and develop with, which is why I’m so dang excited for us to show him some KAE love. 

Since Julia Goldberg with the SF Reporter did such a great job covering the tech and company-side of TARTLE in her mid-January article, “Taking Back Data: New Mexico startup TARTLE offers customers the chance to sell their info on the open market,” I’ll let you head there to learn more. Oh, and TARTLE’s hiring, so if you know a CTO/Lead Developer looking for a cool place to work, you know where to send ‘em.

And we’ll gather to support Alex and TARTLE on their journey to make the world a better place by enabling us to control and monetize our data downtown at the Hotel Chimayo’s Low 'n Slow Lowrider Bar The Low n’ Slow pays homage to lowrider culture with its diamond-tuck upholstered seats, hub caps, creative photos and tables made of chromed chain-link steering wheels. I’d walked past the Low n’ Slow about 100 times before being lured in there by my buddies, Sean O’Shea and his now-wife, Julia Wise. I’m glad they introduced me, cause it’s got a great vibe and some sweet cocktails for you to sip as we settle in for Story Time. See you there!


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Thursday, 05 March, 2020


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