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Negotiation: Get What You Want


Negotiation is a key skill for success in business and everyday life. Work with a pro to learn how to plan, implement, and win in the bargaining process. Save time, grow your business network, and gain confidence when dealing with even the shrewdest of deal-makers. Invest in these skills now and reap a lifetime of rewards. 


Instructor: Layne J. Harpine has been a business consultant and corporate trainer for a Forbes Fortune 500 Top 10 company. For the last 10 years, Layne has served as a trainer, mediator, and retreat facilitator for the military, governmental agencies, businesses, and non-profit organizations for strategic planning sessions, with experience in employee relations, negotiating, and conflict resolution.


     Online Course OLE012……$195

     When:    March 2 - 27

                   One month, 16 hours


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For more information about this Eastern NM University Center for Workforce and Community Education online course, contact Vickie Thomas at 575 624 7164 or  We look forward to seeing you in class!


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