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Cyber Security for Managers


Get up-to-date on cyber security basics and fundamentals to safeguard your business and work place information.  Designed for non-technical managers, directors, and others in the work place.  Learn about threats and vulnerabilities, safeguards, common attacks, viruses, malware and spyware, disaster recover planning, intrusion detection/prevention, basic security architecture, introductory forensics, and cyber terrorism. 


Instructor: Stan Waddell is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional, having served at two higher education institutions as the Information Security Executive Director.  Stan regularly provides training and written information on the topic of cyber security using current industry best practices. 


     Online Course OLE061……$195

     When:    March 2 - 27

                   One Month, 16 hours


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For more information about this Eastern NM University Center for Workforce and Community Education online course, contact Vickie Thomas at 575 624 7164 or  We look forward to seeing you in class!


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