Kick-Ass Entrepreneurs of Santa Fe (KAESF) Entrepreneur Story Time: Simply Social Media - Santa Fe

Social Kitchen + Bar

725 Cerrillos Road
Santa Fe, NM 87505

Oh, yeah. We’ve got the fabulous Caitlin E. Jenkins and Amy Tischler, co-founders of Simply Social Media™, to kick off story time in 2020. While I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve often viewed social media as a necessary evil and another chore on my to-do list, I’ve been intrigued and wowed by how differently Amy and Caitlin do social media here in The City Different. The more I’ve learned, the bigger a fan I’ve become of their approach, which goes well beyond sharing or liking posts to creating true community, connections and conversations.


Most intriguing are their InstaMeets. These offline gatherings give influencers access to places and things they normally wouldn’t have access to so they can showcase what they see and experience to their followers and encourage just enough FOMO to make others desire a similar experience. The Santa Fe Opera (just one of Simply Social’s happy clients) has benefited so much from InstaMeets that they’ve done them 5 seasons running. Just think what exposure like this could do for your business.


And while I’m also embarrassed to admit that I just added KAE to Instagram about 6 weeks ago and have a measly 43 followers, Caitlin and Amy have grown their Instagram accounts @SimplySantaFeNM to 36.1K followers and @TravelNewMexico to a whopping 54.5K  followers who’ve shared kudos like this: “When my husband and I decided… [to] move to Santa Fe, I wanted to learn all about the town we had fallen in love with. As an active Instagram user on the East Coast I did a search for Santa Fe accounts and immediately followed @SimplySantaFeNM. For the next eight months before we moved, I followed along and learned so much about things to do… The community Simply Social Media has built…made our transition here infinitely more enjoyable.” This goes to show that these accounts and hashtags (#SimplySantaFe and #TravelNM) that Amy and Caitlin created and care for are such a tremendous service to our community’s businesses and brands and the people behind them.


I can’t wait to hear about some of the challenges Caitlin and Amy have overcome since launching in 2014, what local resources they’ve found helpful along the way, and what we can expect from them next. And how kismet is it that we’ll gather at Social Kitchen + Bar to hear Simply Social’s story?  Social Kitchen + Bar is a casual, cozy, friendly spot nestled next to the Sage Inn with yummy food and a drink menu that’s making me want a cocktail right now (even though I’m writing this at 11 AM). So, arrive on time to schmooze and grab a drink and a bite before settlin’ in for a super social story time.


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Thursday, 06 February, 2020


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