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Do you want to ensure that your organization maintains its status as a public charity? Join us to learn how to fill out Schedule A on Form 990. 

Learning Objectives

  • Understand why the support test is important.
  • Know what is required to meet the support test.
  • Learn what to do if your organization is in danger of not meeting the support test.


The training will provide an overview of Schedule A of Form 990 and 990-EZ, particularly the support tests for 509(a)(1) and 509(a)(2) organizations. Knowing how the support test works is vital for non-profit organizations, because maintaining their status as a public charity depends on meeting the support test. Even organizations that file a 990-N should know about Schedule A, in case they have to begin to file the 990-EZ or 990 in the future. The training will offer guidance on assisting organizations on meeting their support tests.  




Executive Directors, Chief Financial Officers, Board Treasurers, members of the finance committee


Pamela Alexanderson, CPA- Tax Director, has practiced public accounting since 2008. She serves as a tax advisor for not-for-profit entities including community charities, health care providers, and educational institutions, focusing on tax compliance and consulting as well as unrelated business income.

Steven Talbot, CPA- Tax Senior Accountant, has been in public accounting since 2013 after a 25-year career in journalism. He serves a range of tax clients, including individuals, corporations, and his favorite, not-for-profit entities.

Thursday, 13 February, 2020


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