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Are you starting a new program? New to evaluation? Join us to create or improve an existing logic model that will guide how you evaluate your program.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify barriers to conducting effective internal evaluations.
  • Revise or create a logic model that captures the essence of your organization.
  • Develop rubrics to measure essential--yet hard to quantify--outputs and outcomes. 


This 2-hour workshop will support participants in developing evaluation tools that are participatory, embedded, and that measure what really matters. Participants will learn to avoid common pitfalls in conducting effective internal evaluations. They will create new (or improve on existing) logic models and rubrics.  

The logic model is a one-page description of a program or organization that addresses assumptions, external factors, resources, activities, outputs and outcome. The logic model provides a map for evaluation activities. Participants will also develop rubrics that describe different levels of performance, for the purpose of measuring outputs and outcomes that are essential to an organization, but cannot be easily quantified. A follow-up workshop will provide training on developing data collection tools.




Executive directors, operations managers, and program managers


Melissa Binder, Ph.D., is Director of the UNM Master of Public Policy and Associate Director of the UNM Evaluation Lab, which she helped create in 2015. The Evaluation Lab has worked with dozens of New Mexico nonprofits since then to build effective and sustainable evaluation systems that are inclusive, embedded, and that measure what really matters. The Evaluation Lab has two programs:  a student fellowship that partners graduate students with nonprofits looking for hands-on support, and an annual Summer Institute that trains nonprofits in building internal evaluation capacity.  Melissa is also a faculty member in the UNM Economics Department. 

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