SBDC Info Hours at the Lobo Rainforest - January - Albuquerque

LOBO Rainforest

101 Broadway Blvd., NE
Albuquerque, NM 87102

SBDC Info Hours at the Lobo Rainforest

If you have an idea for a new business, come see a representative at the Small Business Development Center at Central New Mexico Community College (SBDC at CNM) for one-on-one, confidential discussions and mentoring at the Lobo Rainforest Building. SBDC at CNM can help you explore the potential for success of your idea. If you are starting a business, they can help you launch it. If you are already in business, the SBDC at CNM may be able to help you improve efficiency and increase profits. No matter where you are in the business growth cycle, they can help. All information is kept confidential and counseling services are provided free of charge. The Small Business Development Center at Central New Mexico Community College (SBDC at CNM) helps people start and run small businesses that generate wealth for their owners. In the strictest sense, the SBDC at CNM is in the business of creating and nurturing skilled entrepreneurs and strong businesses.

You can be an entrepreneur if you will invest your time, energy and resources in a business that provides others with a valuable product or service. Your good idea planted in well-prepared ground and tended conscientiously can grow into a business. As your business grows, it will hire employees - the very essence of "grassroots" economic development, and it is the mission of the SBDC at CNM.

Walk-ins are welcome, or click Register to select the time frame you plan to stop by. These are open hours, therefore, time frames are for check-in only and not an exact appointment time.

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Friday, 17 January, 2020


Cecilia Pacheco

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