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Are you making the transition into a manager role after coordinating programming for several years? Join us to learn how to set your leadership values and coach your direct reports. 

Learning Objectives

  • Understand common challenges all managers face as they move into management from individual contributor roles.
  • Define their personal leadership values and understand how values help leaders lead.
  • Understand how Sir John Whitmore's GROW model for coaching (as outlined in the book Coaching for Performance) can help them coach themselves, and their direct reports
  • Learn about leadership development resources, including mentoring, free online courses and books that can help them in their leadership development journey.


Many nonprofit managers advance into management because they are successful individual contributors. But moving into management is a career change! Effective managers must utilize a completely different mindset - and skillset - to succeed in their new role. In this workshop, we will explore how things change when individual contributors become managers; engage in self-exploration around leadership values; learn a simple framework for coaching conversations; and also discuss further leadership development resources.




Managers who have been managing direct reports for less than a year, or who have been managing more than a year (but less than 5 years) and are struggling with specific challenges.


Amy Lahti loves working with leaders and organizations who want to elevate and optimize their organizations - whatever that looks like for them. Whether you're looking to grow, needing to recalibrate, or aren't sure what to do next, Amy can help you examine your options and create a plan for moving forward. She is a consultant who has worked with over 200 companies and organizations on a diverse array of human resources issues, and a life and leadership coach trained in the Co-Active Coaching methodology (currently working toward her International Coaching Federation ACC certification).

Friday, 28 February, 2020


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