Fundamentals of Lean Manufacturing - Gallup

Gallup Chamber of Commerce

106 W. HWY 66
Gallup, NM 87301

LEAN can help reduce your workflow and improve your quality by helping you stream-line manufacturing procedures, improving customer and employee satisfaction.

Key Benefits of LEAN 101 are:

  • Better project material organizing
  • Scheduling??"Reduce “work-in-progress” up to 90%
  •  Improve “on-time delivery” requests of customers up to 90%
  • Decrease wait time for customer payment
  • Reduce errors up to 50%
  •  Reduce “wait” times up to 90%
  • Decrease errors in invoicing and orders
  • Better project material organizing
Location:        Gallup Chamber Of Commerce Meeting Room
                     106 W. Hwy. 66 Gallup, NM
Registration:  Gallup SBDC
Presented by New Mexico MEP

Thursday, 24 October, 2019