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‘The 5 Most Common Organizing Mistakes & How to Avoid Them’

Speaker:  Liz Davenport

Do you:

  • have permanent piles on your desk/next to your desk/under your desk/on the file cabinet?
  • have no un-cluttered flat surfaces in your office?
  • invent a "special place" to put "important papers" that you will need later and will need to be able to find them again?
  • wake up at 3 AM screaming "Oh no! I forgot to…?"
  • endanger other drivers because you are concentrating on what you forgot to do today and must remember to do tomorrow?
  • make lists of what you need to do and still have the same list at the end of the day?
  • deal with whatever comes up rather than the truly important things?

If you answered yes to many of these questions then you are like 60% of us.  We right-brained, creative geniuses, tend to get so interested in the next shiny object, which is seldom what we SHOULD be doing.  These 5 simple points will make you aware of what you are doing (much of it is unconscious) and then teach you how to fix it.

Liz Davenport is the author of "Order from Chaos: A 6 Step Plan for Organizing Yourself, Your Office & Your Life" available at www.orderfromchaos.com.

Tuesday, 20 August, 2019


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