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by Jacqueline Murray Loring, Author President, Yucca Branch, National League of American Pen Women

Publishing a book with a traditional publishing house or publication through an online publisher (self-publishing) can be a complicated, time-consuming process requiring the author to educate her/himself on the business side of book publication in conjunction with the task of creatively writing. Knowing the options during the writing and research stages diminishes stress, saves time, provides tasks to be accomplished during non-creative time, and allows for a smooth transition between the joy of writing and the end game of publication.

This 90-minute workshop includes discussion of:

  • -Listing publication options and requirements essential to specific authors, researching self-publishing options, agents, publishing houses, university presses, etc. including the tracking processes and/or finding local help with publication.
  • -Writing the book proposal, query and cover letters, and tracking queries and rejections.
  • -Researching and reading self-publishing and traditional publishing guidelines and contracts, writing and sending query letters, how to react to rejections and agent suggestions.
  • -Preparing your manuscript: Whether publishing with a traditional publisher or self-publishing, specific manuscript information is essential while writing including formatting margins, font, spacing, editing, proofs, indexing, as well as other concerns including contract issues, title selection, cover and internal art, marketing and sales, cataloguing, royalties, ordering, and selling.

Jacqueline Murray Loring is an award winning poet, a produced playwright, screenwriter, and filmmaker and educator. In 2012, she won the Doire Press Irish International Poetry Prize for her collection The History of Bearing Children, published in Galway. Loring works as an editor and book and script consultant. In 2012, she moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico from Cape Cod to begin a career writing and producing short films. In 2017, she was a finalist in the New Mexico Film Foundation’s “Let’s Make a Western”. Since her move to Albuquerque she has written/cowritten eight short scripts that have been filmed. Trains, Tracks & Aliens was shown at the 2017 Indie Q Film Festival in Albuquerque. The House on Normal Street premiered at the Santa Fe Film Festival in 2017. In March 2019, KiMo Theatre: Fact & Folklore was published and in June 2019, Vietnam Veterans Unbroken: Conversations on Trauma and Resiliency was published in July 2019 by McFarland & Co, Publishers. Loring was the executive director of the Cape Cod Writers Center, coordinator of the Eventide Arts Playwriting Competition, and facilitator of the Cape Cod Screenwriters Group. She is the 2019/2020 president of the Yucca branch of the National League of American Pen Women, a member of New Mexico Women in Film and Video, SouthWest Writers, Military Writers Society of America, Sandwich Arts Alliance, and the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod.

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