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‘Influence your Reality…Making Every day a Saturday

Speaker - Jessica Smith

International Heal Your Life Workshop Teacher 
International Wish Game Facilitator


Learn the science behind your thoughts and how they influence your experiences from Jessica Smith, certified ‘Heal Your Life’ workshop teacher, on the teachings and philosophies of Louise L. Hay.   She’s also one of the first certified International Wish Game facilitators teaching hundreds of men and women to live their best lives and discover the blocks holding them back and living their deepest wishes.

From this presentation, you’ll also:

  • gain insights into your own personal power and learn techniques to create your powerful life
  • understand the process and benefits of both affirmations and creative visualizations
  • create your ‘Miracle Morning’ - 6 steps to a life-changing morning routine
  • simple ‘life hack’ to living your best life

Jessica is going to help you better understand how we each influence our own realities and how with a little intention you can be, do and have anything you ever wanted.  She’ll help you begin making every day a Saturday


Tuesday, 18 June, 2019


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