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Is your business writing novels or short stories? Then you should know how to use Scrivener!

Scrivener is an amazing tool for writers! I want to help you get to know Scrivener better so you can write without having to worry about how a program works.

You'll learn:

  • Navigation
  • Starting a new project
  • Best Practices
  • Differences between Mac and PC versions
  • How to use the fun tools
  • Keeping track of characters and research
  • Compiling to use as an ebook
  • Using the pc or Mac version and the app (for iPhone)
  • And more!

Why is this 3-hour class in a top-notch space and with an experienced instructor so inexpensive? It's because Scrivener is sponsoring! This means you'll get some great handouts and there's even a discount code available for the desktop version to anyone who signs up.

However, if you have a NaNoWriMo discount for finishing your 50,000 words in November - you'll want to use that code instead.

Tip: If you haven't downloaded Scrivener, download it today and use the free option for 30 days. Scrivener is available for Mac and PC.

Your Facilitator:

Sonja Dewing is a freelance writer and published author. She loves using Scrivener and finds that it's the best product for writers. She's also a University of New Mexico Continuing Education instructor and a certified professional instructor. 

Scrivener reviews:

PC Mag: Scrivener is one of the best pieces of software for writers because it was built with their needs in mind.

Sonja's teaching reviews:

"Sonja is such a patient and organized instructor!" - Arianna Duran

"This was great! Sonja stayed after to help me understand a few things that I missed." - Andrea Crawford

Plot Duckies

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Sunday, 13 January, 2019


Sonja Dewing