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Marketing, time management, and other best practices for those who are in business by themselves, for themselves.

Are you already in business for yourself or thinking about taking the leap as a solo-entrepreneur?  If so, this workshop is for you!

Learn about successful best practices for this growing group of small business owners.  "Solopreneurs" experience a unique set of challenges and opportunities that other small business owners do not.  They wear the hats of chief and worker bee all at the same time.  They have tremendous independence but often exist in a lonely work environment.  They juggle demands for marketing and performing work, forming and managing productive teams -- all while not appearing too small to accomplish big things!

In this workshop, you will hear from a panel of successful solopreneurs who have met the challenges of being in business for themselves and who have developed strategies to help them thrive.  You will come away with information and real experiences about:

  • Time management
  • Solopreneur marketing
  • Instilling confidence that you aren’t too small
  • Networking and forming teams
  • Scale-ability
  • Outsourcing
  • Cash flow management
  • Accountability

Moderator:  Stephanie Skaggs

Panel:  Christopher Kenny, Dr. Linda Gregg, Jesse Reinikainen, Robert Grebe

Stephanie Skaggs has spent 20 years as an entrepreneur, small business owner, financing specialist, business consultant, real estate investor and health and safety expert.  She has started and operated 12 companies either by herself or with partners.  Her expertise is in creative funding solutions for business and real estate ventures.

Chris Kenny is President of STAR Group, LLC. His passion is inspiring purpose-driven leaders to bring their vision to life by giving them the clarity they need to make great decisions.  Chris is a certified business coach with Gazelles International as well as a certified WHY Institute coach.  For over 10 years, Chris served as the president of a closely-held, for-profit business.  He then helped launch a successful human resource management company before joining STAR Group in 2002 as a strategic planning consultant.  Prior to his business career, Chris was a business lawyer in Chicago and Kansas City.  He is licensed to practice law in New Mexico.

Dr. Linda A. Gregg is the CEO of the American Teachers’ Academy, providing contract services in professional development to private, nonpublic, charter and public schools as well as home school teachers.  She is the author of Response to Instructional Strategies and Interventions: Scenarios for K-12 Educators and has contributed chapters in several published books. Her career has extended over 30 years as a classroom teacher, principal, associate superintendent of federal programs, director of special education, nonpublic school specialist, associate professor and school improvement coach.

Jesse Reinikainen, PE, is the YeDoma Principal who has been authorized by the firm to discuss and seal contractual agreements.  Mr. Reinikainen maintains a dual career track as a senior technical engineer and project manager.  Past work experience includes civil transportation, applied geological engineering and geotechnical engineering career episodes.  He has cold region and international work experience in the Pacific Rim (Alaska, Canada, Russian Far East, and Australia).  Mr. Reinikainen has over 22 years of working experience in the Mining, Water/Wastewater, and Transportation sectors.

Robert Grebe, Principal Niche Digital Marketing Masters, is a skilled social media marketer, digital brand manager and copywriter.  He specializes in digital marketing services for social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram, and search engine platforms like Bing and Google.  Advertising Campaigns that include design, artwork, copywriting, video, production, and optimization.  He writes web-site copy and email series.  He is an entrepreneur and has founded and run several companies.

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Thursday, 20 September, 2018


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