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Legal issues are often put on the back burner. Failing to do some basic legal planning can result in:

• costly mistakes
• impaired growth
• even the untimely collapse of the company

We cover:
• Protecting corporate shield and personal assets
• Managing key employee issues
• How to raise capital legally
• Reducing the risk of litigation

and much more.

About the presenter: Larry Donohue, attorney-at-law

A high-tech entrepreneur, who loves small, dynamic, smart and savvy start-ups, especially in the Internet and E-Commerce sectors.

Possesses over 30 years of IT experience, 20 years of legal background, and 15 years as COO / Corporate Counsel for successful high-tech start-ups.

Happy to work hard, but prefers to work smart. Understands the value of accountability, vision, strategic decision-making, and measuring performance.

Hates PowerPoint, but possesses a borderline-unhealthy devotion to Excel.

Specialties: Internet Law, E-Commerce, Contracts, Legal Compliance, Operations, Business Development


Thursday, 15 March, 2018


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