How to Start a Business without a Business Plan - Albuquerque

Kaplan Real Estate School Classroom 3

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Writing a business plan is very time consuming and one is never sure it includes all the proper elements.  In addition, due to changing market conditions, the Plan can be out of date shortly after generation. 

A new alternative is to use a one-page Business Model Canvas, to capture the elements of a business startup, which can be updated daily until the desired business model is firmed up.

This workshop will cover the process of generating a marketable business idea and an overview of how to take this idea to market profitably using the Business Model Canvas as a scaffold for quickly viewing these elements. 

The presenter: Vic Berniklau

Retired as a Senior Executive from the US Dept. of Energy after managing several organizational units in local DOE office, including MIS, Contracts, Facilities Planning and Budgets as well as initiated offices of Strategic Planning and Technology Transfer; With wife and son started two tech-based businesses achieving a level of $2M in annual revenue and 30 employees before turning businesses over to son who continues their growth; For the last 10 years, a Certified Mentor with SCORE, a 50 year old non-profit with over 10,000 volunteers, dedicated to helping startup and emerging businesses with free mentoring and low cost training. Has BS in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA; Taught at UNM at graduate level.

Thursday, 22 February, 2018


Vic Berniklau

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