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When business owners are ready to retire they will need to replace the income they have been receiving from their businesses. Most owners assume this replacement income will result from the sale of their businesses.

Unfortunately, the realities of business valuation and marketability are not well understood by owners or their advisers. This results in owners significantly overestimating the earning power they will net from a sale.

This workshop will provide the owners of smaller and middle sized businesses with a means of:
• Realistically assessing the value of their business;
• Determining the marketability of their business;
• Quantifying their post-ownership earning power;
• Developing strategies to improve their final outcome.

The workshop will be divided into two parts. The first part will focus on analysis. During this part of the workshop members will be actually doing an analysis of their own business that will allow them to:
o Estimate the value of their business
o Quantify their current post-ownership situation
o Determine issues associated with the marketability of their business

The second part will focus on strategies an owner can use to either leverage a good situation to maximum benefit or improve a situation that is less than ideal. The focus will be onfocus on the small number of critical strategies that are time tested to help owners get the results they desire.

The presenter:

Michael Podolny is the founder and President of The Podolny Group, Inc., a consulting business specializing in exit, succession and transition planning and process management.

In his forty years of business experience he has filled numerous roles including consultant, acquisitions intermediary, counselor, financier, investor, owner and operator. With a track record of having closed exit and succession transactions with a value well over $500 million, he understands the outcome realities for business owners.

He is the author of Shortcut to Security: Make Your Business Worth More To You and Make Your Business Serve You: The Business Owners’ Guide To Personal Wealth, Peace of Mind, and Self Satisfaction.


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