Frequently Asked Questions and Tips for Submitting Events

Listed alphabetically by topic or by name of field on Submit Events form

I submitted my event but it says authentication was entered incorrectly and I’m having trouble reading the letters in the image.
We use authentication to keep automated programs from spamming the site, but sometimes authentication image characters are difficult to read. You can generate a new image by refreshing the page on your browser or clicking on the Submit Events tab. We suggest you confirm authentication before you enter your event information so your information won’t be lost if you need to generate another image.

Cost Field:
How do I indicate different prices for members and non-members?
The cost field accepts text, allowing you to give different prices. However, if you need more space to explain several different price levels, we suggest putting that information in the description block. You can leave the cost field blank or say something like “See description” or “Contact event organizer.”

Why are there unrecognizable characters in the description text that I copied and pasted from another document?
The format of your document may not have been retained when it was copied and pasted into the description block. If your text comes from a Word document, formatting will be retained if you copy it into the Word box. Click on the icon that contains a W, located on the edit bar at the top of the description box. When the box opens, paste your text there.

You can also use the edit icons on the edit bar of the description block to make changes to your text. Highlight your text and then click on the relevant icon. The icons control (from left to right on the bar): Bold text, Italic text, Underlined text, Strike-through text, Bullets, Numbered list, Left alignment, Centered alignment, Right alignment.

Editing events:
How do I edit or update my event after it has been submitted?
Events can no longer be edited, so we suggest you check each field before you click on the Submit Event button. If your event details change, you can create a new event that contains the correct information and ask us to delete the previously submitted event. Please send an email to and include the url of the page you would like deleted.

Error message: “Value Must Be Greater Than or Equal to 1”
I filled everything out and clicked on Submit Event but why do I get an error message about a value needing to be greater than 1?
If you selected Allow Registration under Event Registration, you must indicate the maximum number of registrants you will allow to register from your event page.

Event Categories:
How many categories do I have to select?
Your event will be accepted if you check at least one category box, however, we suggest you check 3 boxes: one for Type of Event, one for Industry and one for Region. This helps people search for events that match their preferences.

My event is in Albuquerque but I want to attract people from Santa Fe. Can I select more than one region?
Please select only one region – the one where your event will actually take place. If someone from a neighboring region is willing to attend workshops in your region, they can use the search tool to find workshops there.

There used to be a category called Business & Professional Training. Where did it go?
We split this category into two: one for Skills Training and one for Executive and Management Training. This helps people differentiate between certification classes and management workshops.

Some of my workshops fit under more than one type of event. For example, doesn’t my bookkeeping class fit under both Executive & Management Training and Skills Training?
Please select the type of event that best describes your workshop. Bookkeeping is a skills-based class. Executives and managers may want to attend, however, it fits best under Skills Training. Examples of events that fit under Executive and Management Training are business plan and marketing plan workshops.

My workshop topic applies to all industries. Should I check off every industry box?
If your class is applicable to more than one industry, you can select more than one. Please select the industries in which the information is most used. If your event pertains to all industries listed, please select the box called *All Industries.

Event Contact Information:
I entered my contact information but it didn’t show up after I submitted the event. What’s up?
If you selected Allow Registration under Event Registration, you have elected to let the Biz Calendar contact you when someone registers. Hence, your contact information does not appear. If you want your contact information to appear, select Do Not Allow Registration.

Event Date:
Why must I type in the date rather than selecting one from a calendar image?
You can use either. Click on the calendar icon located next to the Event Date field. Some browsers cause the calendar icon to open lower on the page, so you may have to scroll down a little to see it.

Event Recurrence Information:
If my event is an ongoing class that meets every week, should I check the Event Recurs box?
If you do not accept new participants after the first meeting date, you should not click on the Event Recurs box. Your event will be shown on only the event date indicated in the Event Date box and people will not try to join your class once it has begun. If, however, an ongoing class accepts new participants on subsequent meeting dates (after the first meeting), each meeting date can be shown as a separate event by clicking on the Event Recurs box. When the box is checked, you must select either Daily, Weekly or Monthly and enter an end date in the Recurs Until box. You must then Click to Confirm Dates. Your event will show up on all of the dates listed.

How do I let people know my class meets every week?
For classes that do not accept new participants after the first meeting date, we suggest you put the number of meetings or actual meeting dates in the Event Description box.

My organization repeats events throughout the year. How do I show future dates without having to enter the information all over again?
If your event occurs on a regular basis, such as every week or every month, you can click on the Event Recurs box and indicate the frequency and end date (field called Recurs Until). You must Click to Confirm Dates to activate this feature. If your events repeat in a random manner, you will need to submit a separate event for each date. We suggest retaining the event information in a word document from which you can easily copy and paste it into the form.

Event Registration:
How do I know who has registered if I select Allow Registration?
If you select Allow Registration, people will be able to register right from the event page once your event has been submitted. When someone registers from the page, an email will be sent to the address entered in the Email field located under Event Contact Information. The email will contain the registrant’s name, email address and telephone number. Please note that we are unable to accept payment for events that have an admission charge or registration fee.

Event Title:
Why do you ask that the event city be included in the title of the event?
Your event will be accepted if you don’t include the city, but adding the city where your event will be held makes it easier for people to quickly determine if they can attend your event. Event titles appear in a list when they are delivered by RSS feed to other websites and to email Event Digest subscribers. If the location city is not included in the title, people are likely to skip over your event and you may lose potential event participants.

I would like to include my logo in the event description to ensure people immediately know that my organization has sponsored the event. How do I do this?
Inclusion of images, photos and logos is a service that is available to Premium-Level Subscribers. Please contact admin for information about enhanced services and the cost associated with Premium Subscriptions.

Location Information:
Why isn’t my location listed on the drop-down menu?
Locations saved to the drop-down menu must be entered by us. If you would like your location saved to the drop-down menu, fill out the location fields (name, address), and then include a request in the Message for Administrator box at the bottom of the form.

I clicked Submit Event but there’s an error message that says “Location.”
There are very few fields that MUST be filled for your event to be accepted. The Name field under Location Information is one of them.

Why doesn’t a map of my location appear on my event page?
Only saved locations are mapped. Before entering your location address, check the drop-down menu to see if your location already exists under the Select Location field. If it does not, please use the Message for Administrator box at the bottom of the form to let us know your location should be saved. If you already submitted your event, you can send an email to

My saved location is no longer listed on the drop-down menu in the Select a Location field. It was there before. What happened?
The location may have been merged with a different name for the same location. Check the list again to see if the location you’re looking for is still there under a slightly different name.

What if I don’t know yet where my event will be held?
You can enter something like “To be determined” or “Call event organizer” in the location Name field. No address is required.

Message for Administrator:
I tried typing in the message box but why doesn’t anything show up?
You must check the box next to Include Message before the message box will accept text.

How do I know if my message went through?
You won’t receive confirmation that your request was fulfilled, but you can check back to see if the action you requested has been taken. Requests are usually fulfilled within 2 business days.