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Plan now to join the Facility Manager Association of New Mexico at 7 am on Wednesday, November 20th, at Garduno’s Uptown Restaurant for an introduction to RFID Technology, an exploration of new applications for business, including best practices for getting started.  This presentation will be functional (vs IT oriented) and provides opportunity for feedback and conversation.  Learn how these smart chips transmit a unique identification number and/or any other data that you might need for tracking purposes, such as preventive maintenance or depreciation schedules.

Smart Objects:  “The Wave of RFID Technology “  Nov. 20th at Garduno’s Uptown

Everything is smart today.  Phones are smart, buildings are smart, and now you can even get a smart refrigerator.  You can’t beat being outsmarted by your fridge.  It seems like technology is moving toward making everything smart, which, at the speed of technology you would expect.

How can you could make objects with no battery and no electricity smart?  You can and it’s called Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).  The idea behind RFID is that you can take a tiny computer chip, think as small as a the tip of a pencil, attached to an antennae, and shoot radio waves at it to power it up. That chip or antenna can be attached to any item.  Imagine scanning the contents an entire room by simply entering the space with your laptop or smart phone.

This technology has practical applications for both facility managers and suppliers alike.  Email to carolee@fmanm.com (preferred) or call 505-975-6753 to be included.  Reservations are always required but first- time facility managers are always free (with rsvp).  Get chipped today!

In addition to the regular program there will be discussion on the FMANM and NMSHE Merger:  What Does This Mean to Both Organizations?

The Facility Manager Association of New Mexico and the New Mexico Society for Healthcare Engineering are joining forces for the betterment of each organization.  How does this impact the members and suppliers for both groups?  What are the prospects for the future of this alignment?

Michael Piscitello is the President Elect of NMSHE and the Director of Support Services  for the University of New Mexico’s Sandoval Regional Medical Center. Michael will address members and guests at the Wednesday, November 20th, 2013, breakfast meeting at Garduno’s Uptown in Albuquerque, NM.  RSVP to carolee@fmanm.com to attend.

Wednesday, 20 November, 2013


Carolee Griffin

Phone: 505-975-6753
Website: Click to Visit


$30.00 members/1st time Facilty Mgr.always free

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