Make Your Camera Work For You, Part 2, Albuquerque

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Class Description
After you have learned the basic operation of your digital camera, take this class to master more of your camera's features. Learn how to freeze fast action for sharp images, or how to blur parts of the image for dramatic effect. Understand how to adjust color and get the right exposure while learning tips for composing your shots. Then, see what you can do to alter your photos outside the camera. Be sure to bring your camera, charged batteries and your camera's manual to class. Prerequisite: Make Your Camera Work For You, Part 1
Participants will:
  • learn how exposure triangle affects depth of field
  • understand and use the histogram
  • learn the process of workflow-take images, put in computer to work with and retrieve
Class ID: 25870

Tuesday, 22 October, 2013


Theresa Chavez

Phone: 505-224-5200
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