Legislative Jobs Council, Roswell

New Mexico Military Institute

101 W College Blvd
Roswell, NM 88201

Legislative Jobs Council: Session 4

Roswell, NM (New Mexico Military Institute)

September 11th 9:30am

By way of review, the council consists of the senior leadership of the state legislature and a few private sector members. In the first session in June, the council reached consensus on the process, methodology, theoretical framework and nomenclature to be used. In the second session, July 19th, the council deliberated on and reached consensus on the number of new economic-base jobs that must be created in the next 10 years for the state to recover to pre-recession levels of prosperity. The consensus number is 160,000 or 16,000 per year. In the previous session, August 8th in Taos, the council reached consensus on the number of potential economic base jobs achievable in each economic base industry sector. There is a detailed review of the results of the first three sessions is attached. This link will allow you to review the previous 3 sessions in detail: http://www.nmlegis.gov/lcs/committee_detail.aspx?CommitteeCode=JOBS .

The fourth session in Roswell will convene council's members, local economic and workforce development professionals, along with other stakeholders and subject matter experts from each of the seven Council of Government Districts (COGs). The meeting will be conducted as a series of breakout sessions similar to that used in the last session. This format allows us to accommodate a variable number or participants, so feel free to invite Subject Matter Experts and stakeholders that you believe will contribute to the deliberations.

Participants will be asked to iterate:

1. An estimate of the number of potential economic base jobs that could be created in each COG region in each of the 14 economic sectors outlined in the Economic Base Sector Matrix from session three.

2. An estimate of the number of transactions (employer expansions, recruits, or start ups) that will be needed to reach the jobs estimated in each industry sector. This task will fall to the region's economic development professionals.

3. The gaps in critical factors of production that must be addressed in order for these jobs to materialize. Factors of production include: marketing and sales capacity, infrastructure, housing, debt and equity capital, water, qualified workers, tax and regulatory issues, land inventory, and facilities.

Please read the backgrounder thoroughly.

You may address any format or process questions to Mark Lautman at mark@marklautan.com.

Anyone planning to attend the session should RSVP to sal@marklautman.com no later than Friday, September 6th and identify the county in which you are located.

We look forward to seeing you on September 11th in Roswell!

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Wednesday, 11 September, 2013


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