Body, Brain, and Behavior: How to Leverage Embodied Learning for Durable Change, online


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Working through the body is essential for virtually any process of learning.  For both individuals and organizations, this often-underutilized avenue of learning is actually one of the most powerful paths to lasting change.  Amanda Blake is a Master Somatic Coach who has spent the last decade researching the nexus of body, brain, and behavior for her forthcoming book, Your Body Is Your Brain.  Drawing on the latest research in neuroscience, Mandy will explain why the body is a central locus of learning and change, and talk about how to leverage embodied learning to help shift behavior and develop leadership capacity.

Together we’ll explore…

  • the biological basis of behavioral learning and its implications for leaders, coaches, HR managers, and OD consultants
  • influence without authority: the non-verbal basis of building trust
  • posture and power: how your comportment impacts your leadership presence
  • the essential role of embodied learning in any kind of change process

Thursday, 28 February, 2013


Robyn McCulloch