20-Hour Women's Personal Safety/Self-Defense Class, Santa Fe

IMPACT Personal Safety

PO Box 8350
Santa Fe, NM 87504

The 20-hour Basics Course is IMPACT’s most comprehensive personal safety class. Participants learn street-smart behaviors and increased awareness to avoid being targeted for assault. The program covers psychological strategy and mental readiness in a safe and supportive environment. Students practice effective verbal de-escalation strategies to prevent assault, and are also taught easy-to-learn and effective physical self-defense skills for face-to-face confrontations, attacks from behind, attacks that go down to the ground or start off in a bed. Students analyze aspects of healthy and unhealthy relationships and practice setting boundaries with people in their everyday lives.

All skills are practiced in recreated common assault scenarios allowing students to respond appropriately to dangerous or stressful situations in a controlled environment. In the scenarios, one instructor (the “Whistle”) coaches the student verbally and physically while another instructor (the “Suit”) acts as would-be-assailant, helping students experience and manage adrenaline. The Suited instructor wears protective padded armor, so physical skills are learned through full contact practice. For more details about how the class works, go to the How Experiential Works page.

The 20-hour Basics Course ends with a graduation where students demonstrate the skills they have learned. Students in Basics will have a final day of class, several weeks after the 20-Hour training, called “The Closing Circle.” This is an opportunity to process what our lives are like as more empowered people and the challenges of implementing boundary settings in our everyday lives.

In this Course, you will learn to:

  • Avoid potentially dangerous situations (awareness and avoidance skills)
  • Recognize when your boundaries are being crossed (interpersonal awareness)
  • Talk your way out of an assault (verbal dissuasion techniques)
  • Defend yourself when faced with physical violence (physical self-defense)
  • Set boundaries with people you know (communication skills)

20-Hour graduates report feeling:

  • Peace of mind from having practical and effective skills to defend themselves
  • Greater self-confidence and self-worth
  • A sense of freedom to use their voices, pursue their dreams, and reach their potential

Sunday, 28 April, 2013

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IMPACT Personal Safety

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