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Stress Management


Stress isn’t the enemy. It is our perception of stress that amps up our anxiety and uses up all our steam. Reducing stress is as easy as understanding what stress is, understanding what stress is to you, and using that knowledge to restructure your thoughts. Turn stress into a stepping stone, not a stumbling block!


Instructor:  Meredith Brown is a full time instructor of psychology at a two-year college and teaches online courses at a university, to help students recognize and fight stress, control test anxiety, and manage time. Meredith has a Master in Science Psychology with a focus in the area of therapeutic intervention and is a Certified Online Instructor. 


            Online Course ……$145

     When:    Nov 6 �" Dec 1


For more information or to register, contact Vickie Thomas at 575 624 7164 or  We look forward to seeing you in class!


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