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Tech for Us
What apps actually make our lives better, more enjoyable, sweeter? And how do we stay current? What are the trends?
Beyond streaming music and video, how do we use technology to support our lives, not make it more frustrating? In this presentation, Meta Hirschl give her take on 'Tech for Us'. Join her and bring your own app best friends for a lively discussion.
Manager of Software Applications at Adelante Development Center, Meta attended Deep Dive Coding after a hiatus from tech, having been a programmer and analyst at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) in NYC. After Deep Dive she worked at a local startup, SportXast, before joining the team at Adelante, a local nonprofit. Her aim is to apply tech for good. At Adelante she works with a number of platforms  to support The Storehouse, NM’s largest food pantry, the Wellness Referral Center, a large collaborative CDC grant, custom software that supports the Developmentally Disabled, Seniors and those who are often left out. She also works in the political realm where she recently was elected Democratic Ward Chair of Ward 18D (Nob Hill) and deploys and trains others in software for activism including VoteBuilder, Slack,…

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Thursday, 31 August, 2017


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