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Come join us for this month's High Tech Round Table!
This month we have a panel talking about Intellectual Property and dispelling the mystery of that process. 
Jakub Svec
Jakub Svec is the Chief Engineering Officer of PERK, a coffee machine that fully automates complex modern coffee brewing methods using static components, finally making modern coffee brewing simple. In April 2017, PERK successfully completed a Kickstarter campaign and is currently in the manufacturing stage of delivery
Vladimir (Vlad) Matias
The iBeam team is led by Vladimir (Vlad) Matias, the Founder and President of iBeam. Having attained his degrees from Caltech (BS) and Stanford (PhD), Vlad has over 30 years of experience with advanced film technology, both within the commercial sector  (in two prior startups, Conductus in California and Oxxel in Germany) and in government R&D supporting the development of commercial technologies. At Los Alamos National Lab he worked closely with industry in transfer and has been involved in technology development from initial scientific breakthroughs through to manufacturing and commercialization. He is the world leader in the development of the ion-beam alignment process and associated technologies, with about 150 technical papers and over a dozen related patents. Vlad…

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Tuesday, 29 August, 2017


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