May WIT: Addressing the Technical Skills Gap - Albuquerque

The Bioscience Center

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Addressing the Technical Skills Gap �" Step 1 to Reducing Technical DebtWhen Technical Debt, like financial debt, is incurred and not repaid it will accumulate interest in the form of maintaining poorly designed systems which in-turn makes the transition to modernizing systems more expensive.  This is one factor of Technical Debt which most CIO’s understand.  There is, however, a compounding factor on our technical staff when tasked to implement and maintain poorly designed systems.  Not only are they not exercising best practice in an effort to save a dime in the short run, they in are also sacrificing the development of technical skills.  In situations where developers take the quick win (be it for the team deadline or not knowing an ideal solution), they miss out on the opportunity to develop technical skills.  Step 1 in addressing Technical Debt is setting our technical staff skill development as a top priority.
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Paige Briggs
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Paige Briggs is the Rural Sourcing Inc, (RSI) Albuquerque site Development Center Director. RSI is an IT outsourcing firm bridging the gap between domestic IT professionals and companies that need their services.  She is actively hiring local technical talent to…

Thursday, 25 May, 2017


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